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September Beauty Favorites

I got this idea of monthly favorites from my follower and someone I follow, loveyourselfbeautifully. Thanks for the idea, and I hope others will share in posting their monthly favorites. So for September, which is also my birth month, here are my monthly favorites:

1. Sephora Collection Full Action Extreme Effect Mascara 

I love this mascara since I got the sample at Sephora. This mascara looks natural, lengthens my lashes, but does not leave clumps or make lashes stick together. I have a review on this post here. This is a great product and my all time favorite mascara. I recommend this to anyone. This is worth $15. 

2. Korres Mango Butter Lipstick in 45 Coral 

This is a great lip color. I did not really like bright lipsticks until I found this one and am glad I bought this. I also have a review on this lipstick here. I love this lipstick and it is my go to. It was worth the $18. 

3. Ulta Beauty Fabulous face Compact Foundation 

I was given this foundation when looking for a compact powder. When I brought this concern to the person who gave me the foundation instead of powder, this person told me this foundation worked well to cover discoloration. When using this product, I have fallen in love with it. Here is the review. This is a nice and creamy foundation. I recommend this to anyone but if you have more oily face you may also need a powder to reduce shine. 

I hope you enjoy. These are my September favorites so what are yours? Enjoy, be you, and have a great school year for those who are starting this year! :) 

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